Pre-production ends tomorrow and the first day of filming for “Killing Lincoln” commences! In case you haven’t heard of this project, it’s an adaptation of Bill O’Reilly’s book Killing Lincoln. Erik Jendersen wrote the script and reading it, I wanted to learn more. Erik is a great writer and some of his credits include Band of Brothers. Adrian Moat is at the helm as director with Ridley Scott’s production company teaming up with Herzog & Company and National Geographic to produce this special 2 hour docu-drama.

The stunts are being handled by yours truly! As the stunt coordinator I can promise you that the fights will be visceral and full of grit. This story is unique in the way its being produced and that it focuses more on John Wilkes Booth and gives the audience a closer look at the man who changed history by an act of misguided self assigned patriotism.

Everything is being filmed here in my hometown Richmond, Virginia and the producers did an outstanding job hiring the cream of the crop locals. It feels great working on a project with so many familiar faces. I hired Barrett Snow to double for John Wilkes booth being played by Don Johnson’s son Jesse Johnson. Barrett is a local stuntman and a great high fall artist. He has an incredible air sense and high falls is one of his specialities.

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2 Responses to Killing Lincoln hires Richmond stunt coordinator

  1. Karen says:

    A great great read by bill and Barret is a perfect fit for John … Good ideas

  2. Mary Wolf DePew says:

    Great, Barrett, we will look forward to seeing you perform when the film is out in the world. Keep up the GREAT WORK…

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