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Stunt Coordinator • Stunt Actor • Stunt Driver

Richmond Stunts, an action packing, chaos creating, car wrecking company for film and television. We are a well credited team comprised of top talent and we give your production the quality stunts it deserves. Our members are highly trained and experienced in everything from big bang car rollovers to group ensemble fight choreography, Richmond Stunts is ready to increase the value of your picture with awesome action.

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Stunt Pads
Looking to soften up your landing a bit? We've got stunt pads too! [e.g. folding pads, landing mats, personal protection gear,porta-pit], Anything relating to safety or securing a performer or actor we either have or can get. Keep your talent fresh and give them something cushy to fall on. It helps with their overall performance and cuts down liability.
Fight Choreography
Fight Choreography for all styles, Actor Training, Tactical Firearms, Archery, Equestrian work, Water stunts. You name it, we've done it and will do it again. Everything from training your actors on how to throw a punch and sell a hit to choreographing a riot with multiple brawls, bashings and gun fire.
Fire Stunts
The leading expert in fire stunts. If your production wants to heat things up then hire the best. We have the equipment and experience to perform full body fire stunts to "bare skin looking" burns. Even if you're just looking to outfit your talent and crew in thermal protection to escape radiant heat situations, we can provide the right protection.
Stunt Driving
Why cut to black just before impact when you can show the car actually flipping upside down or smashing into a pole. My drivers and I are highly qualified  to race or wreck it whether it's a high end luxury, off-roading, recreational vehicles or vessels. Car stunts add great production value and it beats boring implied action.